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Cash Flow Management

Is Factoring for you?

Some businesses feel that they are not suitable for factoring.

You do not have have a large turnover or be in well known industry. The only requisite is that you raise invoices on regular periods. You don’t even need a A1 credit or trading history. We can help any size of business, established or new, in any location including Northern Ireland. It is also worth noting that you must raise invoices to other businesses in arrears

Below are some examples of businesses that can benefit from factoring. The UK Insolvency Helpline has helped businesses as diverse as Manufacturing, Engineering, Business Services and IT

• Taxi & Chauffeurs

• Pallet Manufacturers

• Staff Recruitment

• Skip Hire

• Greeting Cards

• Insurance Assessors

• Haulage

• Injection Moulding

• Janitorial Supplies

• Fire Extinguishers

• Manned Security

• Promotional Gifts

• Blade Sharpening

• Vehicle Repairs

• Printers

• Magazine Publication

• Trade Clothing

• Corporate Event Hosts

• Training Courses

• Catering


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