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Cash Flow Management

How do I set up a facility?

When you make contact, a representative from the factor will call you to discuss how a facility could best be structured for you and your business. They will assist in completing the application form and in turn issue a formal offer.

Once a business has accepted a facility, up to 90% of the existing as well as future unpaid sales invoices will be made available. The initial cash injection can be invaluable to help investment in new plant and machinery, also in management buy out scenarios, or simply to give a business headroom to grow after paying off traditional financing arrangements.

In order to gain access to cash you simply send copies of your invoices either electronically or by post to the factoring firm. Money can be sent direct to your bank account when available, or can be set up ‘on request’ where you choose how much you want, when you want it. This can also be carried out at the touch of a button.

At the outset you can choose how the relationship will work with your customers. It is possible to retain the majority of contact with them, or it may suit you to outsource some or most of the credit management function to the factoring firm. This will be discussed with you up front.

From the initial meeting to the first payment can take as little as one week!

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