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Factoring and Cashflow Solutions - the purpose of this site is to describe an introduction into the world of Factoring, Invoice Discounting and other forms of Asset Based finance.

If you are looking to improve your cashflow you should consider talking to The Factoring Advice Service. There are so many factoring companys all offering factoring solutions on the and factoring answers. When considering invoice factoring for your company which you need to think about whether factoring or invoice discounting is something your industry of particular business would suit.

We, at The Factoring Advice Service can help you find the factoring company or invoice factoring company that would best suits your individual factoring needs. We would work closely with you and our partners offer the full range of factoring services such as invoice factoring, sales ledger management and credit insurance.

The UK Factoring Helpline is an organisation specialising in factoring and invoice discounting who are at the cutting edge of the factoring industry. We help our clients business by putting them in touch with best factoring company for them at no cost to the client. If you are seeking personal debt advice then there are many organisations offering advice on the IVA procedure or bankruptcy advice.

Please note that invoice finance is only suitable for business to business (B2B) transactions. If your business only deals with consumers then you will need to consider alternative forms of finance.

In recent years, the list of players in the factoring industry has grown at rapid scale even though the actual product of invoice factoring has changed little. Most factoring companies offer excellent factoring solutions - they just operate in different ways.

Whatever reason you are considering factoring for - we can help you. Click here to get competitive factoring quotes for your business.

Factoring - The facts
Many businesses, both large and small, are turning to factoring as a method of solving their cash flow problems or to relieve themselves of the task of credit control. Factoring, or its sister method of invoice discounting, (known collectively as invoice financing) are ways of borrowing money on the value of your sales ledger. More
Factoring - Possible Disadvantages
The first potential disadvantage of factoring is the cost. Before you make your decision on whether to go down the invoice financing route, you do need to do your sums to ensure that it will be truly cost effective. You also need to consider the size of the annual minimum fee, the length of the commitment period, and even the small print on the agreement. More
Factoring - How does it work?
You send your customers invoices for sales or completed work. Since you will have to give the factor a legal assignment of your sales ledger debts, you must add this fact to your invoices, which is normally done by attaching a sticker to them. This means that your customers will know you are using a factor. More
Factoring - is it for you?
You do not have have a large turnover or be in well known industry. The only requisite is that you raise invoices on regular periods. You donít even need an A1 credit or trading history. We can help any size of business, established or new, in any location including Northern Ireland. It is also worth noting that you must raise invoices to other businesses in arrears. More

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